trail of crumbs

The story is the same, but the world has changed. Trail of Crumbs: a Recurring Dystopia for Hansel & Gretel uses a classic story to examine a world in which children are broken and destroyed. Abandoned by their parents, Hansel and Gretel find themselves caught in a struggle between two violent ideologues. Between the opposing camps moves a third, more seductive force. In a place where children are lost to violence and extremism, Hansel and Gretel quickly lose their ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They lead the audience on a dangerous journey between the mythical and the real, discovering the darkness of what lies within the forest.



A co-production between The Circle Theater of New York and the National Theatre of Luxembourg

Direction by Anne Simon

Written by members of the Company

Cast: Carly Blane, Sloan Bradford, Isaac Bush, Scott Freeman, and Caitlin Goldie

Original music composed & performed by Anthime Miller

Scenic Design: Anne Allen Goelz

Costume Design: Holly Cain

Lighting Design: Katy Atwell

Hair and Makeup: Molly Weinreb

Stage Management: Sarah Trostle

Technical Director: Joel Janka

Executive Producer: Kate Stahl

Producers: Sloan Bradford & Isaac Bush

Social Media Director: Gabrielle Deveaux

Financial Support: Luxembourg Ministère de la Culture, Consulate General of Luxembourg in New York.