Originally Produced at The Brooklyn Lyceum in Brooklyn, NY

Originally Produced at The Brooklyn Lyceum in Brooklyn, NY

FLASH FLASH BANG BOOM is a new work presented by the Circle Theater of New York that delves into the millennial identity search, taking the audience through a story of duality in dream, ambition, and fear. Three couples explore their relationship through three different stages, culminating in one spectacle-oriented production.

“I walked around all day and ended up here. And I think I left myself behind somewhere – somewhere abandoned. I came here to find myself, as a lover and his love search for each other on the edge of the horizon, but are forever sabotaged by the skyline in their way.”


Written by members of the ensemble

Directed by Isaac Bush & Craig Newman

Produced by: Sloan Bradford & Isaac Bush

Stage Management by Miguel Mendiola

Ensemble: Sloan Bradford, Scott Townsend Freeman, Tess Howsam, Erin McGuff, Claire Tyers, Brandon Tyler Harris

Scenic Design: Anne Allen Goelz

Costume Design: Holly Cain

Lighting Design: Sara Gosses